Piano MP3's

I don't have MP3s for any of my older lower quality YouTube videos. The rest of the MP3s that are not on this list are lost someplace. Not for good, they're just.... somewhere. If you want the other songs as MP3s, I do not mind if you ripped them from YouTube.

These MP3s are the quality in which they were recorded. I would love to produce higher quality MP3s, but for now, I do what I can to get by.

To download, click on a song link. From that link, click the download icon at the top of the page.
(The music may not load directly on the link, but the file's audio should play after downloading it.)
If you are experiencing any problems in downloading these, please feel free to email me

These are all cover songs, of which I absolutely do not profit off of. If the original artist demands them taken down, I WILL do so.


  1. Thank you SO much - now I can play "He'll Make Me Happy" as I walk down the aisle at my wedding (at The Jim Henson Studios!). You're a lifesaver. :)


  2. Can you upload an mp3 for your cover of Phantom Forest?

  3. This is awesome! I'll be walking down the isle to "He'll Make Me Happy" as well next year. Thank you :)

  4. Thank you for "He'll Make Me Happy"- so excited to walk down the aisle to this. Have been searching on iTunes forever!

  5. Thank you so much!! Now I can walk down the aisle to "He'll Make Me Happy" like I've wanted to do since I first saw The Muppets Take Manhattan when I was a kid. You are the best for doing this! Thanks for sharing your skills with those of us less musically inclined!